Our Story

Roarcraft; is a sensitive, unique, minimal leather brand that is attached to the values with traditional hand workmanship.

It is for modern detailer people of the world who like simplicity, care the quality and want to complete their styles.


All goods that are generated in the hands of the craftsman exist with a signature. Every product has touch, emotion and craftsmanship of him/her. We sign with laborious and detailed handcraft and well-organized process of production.

Our goods, interpretation and representation of values, labor, personality, are timeless in style, durable in quality, genuine and elegant in design.



Simple lines make our products elegant in design.



Our unique products shows our way.



All of our goods take the name of ancient cities of Anatolia.



All pieces let the users complete their style.



All products are generated in the hands of the craftsman.


The goods make their user feel special.



Our leather is produced in an environmentally friendly way. 


While time is flowing without a break, every accelerated things in life consume the values as quick as a flash. Because of that, following new values are fast-comsumable, too. When we consume everything with an endless desire, there is nothing left. Repetitively, a new phenomenon is born and we drift toward it. In that show, questioning "why" for the reason of the situation lets us begin our journey to protect the craftsmanship and give meaning back to the values and the traditonal ones.

Meet the Makers

Roarcraft is based in sunny ancient city Pamukkale, Turkey. Created in 2016 by Burak and Ömer, designers and makers handcrafted leather goods & wood works.


More Than An Atelier

After careers in professional engineering and textiles, our paths have crossed somehow. We were interested making leather goods by ourselves for years. We were discussing about how people carry leather goods and never give up on them even if they are worn away for years. I (Burak) was minimalist design lover and Ömer was figuring out making items that last. We shared dedication to asking “why” and “what if” a lot.
And boom! Time to business. We quit our job and joined forces to build a brand that makes better products in a better way. We’re moved to a small atelier and worked on prototypes a lot. Actually it s more than an atelier; it acts as our art studio, science lab, library and inspiration zone.

Better Products in a Better Way

Our philosophy is quite simple. We are obsessed with minimal and durable pieces that carry a timeless aesthetic. We are focusing on clean design and taking inspiration from nature with a fresh approach.
We are restless, curious, and by no means perfect. The path to making leather goods in a better way is a long one, and we’re just getting started.

leathercraft atelier

Simplicity in Design

We design the simplest, most functional leather goods we could, using premium natural leathers, without the premium price. We do not compromise and do not use the sewing machine in our work to simplify work and reduce production speed. Everything is created solely using hand tools to achieve the best result.
We use only high-quality premium materials and traditional crafting techniques. Every leather piece is hand cut, hand stitched, sanded-burnished and carefully finished by us.

roarcraft leather atelier